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A look into reality star Ayanda Ncwane’s R8 million Sandton mansion

A look into reality star Ayanda Ncwane’s R8 million Sandton mansion

No doubt she has been making headlines of late with her lavish life. Ayanda Ncwane has fast become one of the most celebrated South African celebrities in Mzansi and Africa.

Her thrust into the limelight came in the backdrop of her marriage with the late Sfiso Ncwane. However, in the wake of her newfound fame, she has established herself as a celebrated model, business mogul and actress.

TV personality and business mogul Ayanda Ncwane - Source: Instagram@ayandancwane

With an illustrious career spanning years, she has managed to star in drama series like Generations and Mzansi. Recently she was part of the star-studded cast of The Real Housewives Of Durban, but she left after having a fallout with Nonku William, who happens to be Sfiso Ncwane’s ex-wife.

TV personality and business mogul Ayanda Ncwane house - Source: Instagram@ayandancwane

She is a business mogul in her right; she is the CEO of Ncwane Communications and Ayanda Ncwane Woman’s Carnival. Mzansi has been puzzled by her expensive lifestyle, from designer clothes to exotic cars in the mix of things. Of late, her mansion has been implicated in the mix of things. Well, let’s dive into her R8 million Sandton mansion.


No doubt, she has several mansions across Mzansi, but her Dainfern estate has become the talk of the town. Ayanda owns a lavish mansion in the suburbs of Dainfern, Sandton, in the northern part of Johannesburg.

It has an architectural design of a palace painted in ivory cream and complemented by a maroon tiled roof. The house also has giant pillars. The scenery is carpeted in grass and is full of trees and flowers. It has a large swimming pool just in front of the house and has a water fountain to complement it.


Recently Ayanda has been letting us sneak into her mansion. Even up to now, little is known about home many rooms the double-story estate boasts.

However, it has large sliding doors and is fully furnished with modern furniture. The living room has cream couches which a complimented with throw pillows. The whole house is carpeted with a grey carpet and has several low-hanging chandeliers.


However, it has since been established that the mansion was one of the several properties Sfiso Ncwane left behind and granted Ayanda through a will.

Well her million-dollar garage compliments the palace. Ayanda doesn’t only own one but several million-rand cars from Ranger Rovers to Mercedes Benz.

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