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Get familiar with Rental Housing Tribunal

Landlords and Tenants… it’s time you get familiar with the Housing Rental Tribunal.

The Housing Rental Tribunal resolves disputes between landlords and tenants in residential dwellings. It is an alternative to costly court action. The Tribunal has the powers to summon a landlord or tenant to a mediation or tribunal hearing.

It can order a landlord or tenant to comply with any part of the Rental Housing Act, 1999 (Act No. 50 of 1999) and its procedural regulations. The ruling of the Tribunal has the same power as the judgment of a Magistrate’s Court. 

Any tenant or landlord or group of tenants or landlords or interest groups may lodge complaints for unfair practice. 

The Tribunal has the authority to deal with disputes, complaints or problems that include:

  • Non-payment of rentals
  • Failure to refund a deposit
  • Invasion of tenant’s privacy (including family members and visitors) 
  • Overcrowding 
  • Determination of fair rentals
  • Unlawful seizure of tenant’s goods 
  • Discrimination by landlord against a prospective tenant 
  • Receipt for payment not issued 
  • Tenant behaving in an undesirable manner 


There is no cost involved for either the landlord/tenant from the time a complaint is filed to the end of a mediation or Tribunal hearing. 

This service is FREE of charge.

  • Landlord complaint form, it is only filled in by a landlord who is lodging a complaint against his or her tenant.
  • Tenant complaint form, only filled by a tenant who is lodging a dispute against his or her landlord.

How to register a complaint?

To register a complaint the aggrieved party is required to email the form and attach the following supporting documents:

  •  Lease agreement (if any)
  • Copy of Identity Document or a Permit (foreign nationals)
  • Proof of payment (invoice or bank receipt)
  • Physical address and contact numbers of the tenant/landlord/agent is important
  • Any correspondence that may be of assistance in resolving the dispute.

The form together with supporting documents should be emailed to one of the below email addresses:

Official email for the Gauteng Rental Housing Tribunal: or

and, or email

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Nolubabalo Poti on 16 March 2024

Trust you are doing well, I went to the tribunal house on Wednesday the 13/3 /2034 to lay a complaint against my landlord. The gentleman that was assisting me advised that he’ll send an email to the landlord & me as soon as I leave. However until today the 16/3 I haven’t received any email. What should I do in this regard?

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