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Marketing Your Property Online

Renting Out Or Selling a Property

Whether selling, renting out your property, or looking for a roommate to share a flat. Deciding where to look or which platform to advertise on is not easy. Especially because many online platforms offer the same service.

You can search “online property advertising” or similar phrase on any search engine. Multiple web pages and links will appear, but choosing one or two that will best serve your purpose may not be an easy task.


Affordability and Convenience

Majority of the platforms you may come across are either complicated to sign up, require a lot of details, expensive to advertise on, or do not cater to your target market.

Most free marketplace websites may not always serve the purpose of your ad. You could place an ad with the hope receiving traffic on it, but receive none. Meanwhile, the most popular sites usually only cater to a specific target market or specific region.

Why Choose Us

With Bathamaga Property, online property marketing is easy and affordable. Not only are prices low, we cater for everyone. Whether you are renting out a backroom in Soweto or Tembisa, a penthouse suite in Saxonwold, or a farmhouse in Bronkhorstspruit, this platform has a market for your property. We have a great following of various types of people from across the nation. All property types are welcome, and from any region.


Our convenience to you

Not only is your ad placed on our website, it is also exclusively shared across our social media pages. We actively identity relevant Facebook groups and posts for your type of property to advertise it directly to the targeted audience.

Registration on the site

Registration process is easy and takes just a few minutes to complete. Navigating through the site is not complex at all.

What we charge you for marketing

We charge a flat rate for advertising. No broker fees or commission fees apply. All payments come directly to you.

Target audience

We have a diverse national following which includes different types of property seekers for all types of properties.

National visibility

Our website is advertised across a variety of online platforms. Which makes it simple for tenants and buyers to see your advertised property.

All potential tenants or buyers deal directly with you. So you get to screen and select your own preferred tenants. So if you ever want to rent out a property, Bathamaga Property is the go-to online property marketing platform to advertise through.


By Tebogo Thamaga for Bathamaga Property

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