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Tips to follow when viewing a place to rent…

If you are a tenant going to view a new room or house to rent, then take a look at these few tips to help you avoid paying for a place that has many unattended fixtures.

  1. Switch on all the lights to see that they do work.
  2. Carry a twin plug and charger, charge your phone on all the plugs to ensure that they all work.
  3. If there’s a stove, do check that all plates work.
  4. Open, close, lock and unlock all doors and burglar bars.
  5. Open and close all windows to make sure all is in order. Also lookout for any possible cracks.
  6. Open the taps to see that there’s running water and that the geyser works.
  7. Look out for dirty or unpainted walls.
  8. If it’s a bachelor room or house with fitted cabinets and wardrobes, make sure they are not worn out and all cover doors and hinges are complete and working.
  9. Ask the landlord, agent, caretaker or property to complete a checklist with you. You can even download it for FREE on the web.

These tips might just help you to avoid taking the blame for a mess created by a previous tenant. It will also help you claim back your full deposit when moving out (provided you leave it as you found it). #goodluck

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